Ok, so we start off my project paying tribute to the Disney Canon by mentioning our first forgotten/minor character from Disney’s 1937 hit, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”: Humbert the Huntsman!

Now, obviously the first thing that stands out is his name, Humbert! His name is never given in the film, but as is the case with many animated films, most characters are given names in the drawing process even if they don’t make it into the script. For example, the Beast in “Beauty and the Beast” was named Adam, the Satanic creature in “Fantasia” was referred to as Chernabog, and even the evil Queen of this film was named Queen Grimhilde!

Now the next thing that you may be thinking to yourself is that the Huntsman isn’t really all that forgotten or minor. And yes, I’ll have to agree with you on that, but I had to choose him because pretty much all the other characters were more memorable: Snow White, the Evil Queen, the Dwarves, the Prince, the animals, and the raven. So, the Huntsman was the least memorable of the set.

And yes, he is minor in terms of the length of his appearance, but in terms of being crucial to the story, he is quite important. He’s the one to whom the Queen commands to kill Snow White. Reluctantly he agrees and is almost about to, but his conscience gives in and he tells Snow White to flee. Had he done the deed, Snow White would be dead, she’d never have met the Dwarfs, the Queen wouldn’t have to transform into an old crony, the Prince would never have married Snow White, and the movie would have been over in 15 minutes!

So yes, Humbert the Huntsman was pretty important to the story, although minor in remembrance and short in appearance of this film. So that’s why I choose him as my candidate for a forgotten/minor character in Disney’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” If only someone would make a movie about this character…

Oh, yeah, forgot about that!