Believe it or not, nobody really wanted to make “The Lion King”!


It’s true, the vast majority of people, including Jeffrey Katzenberg himself didn’t think that anyone would actually like or want to see “The Lion King”!



Preposterous, I know! Instead, they all wanted to get to work on what would be Disney’s 33rd animated feature, “Pocahontas”!

Released in 1995, “Pocahontas” started what would be the fall of the Disney Renaissance. I mean it was still a commercial hit, but not as much as the films that preceded it. It was also one of the worst, if not the worst, critically received film of the Disney Renaissance.

Nevertheless, this film has its lovers and fanatics, but I’m not one of them!

"Say it isn't true!"

“Say it isn’t true!”

I’m sorry, in my opinion, this is the most BORING film in the Disney Canon; even the package films keep me more entertained than this film does!

Well, most of them!

Well, most of them!

Even the songs I find weak! The only song I do like is “Savages”! Yeah, you heard me, I DON’T like “Colors of the Wind”!

oh no you didn't

I’m a guy actually, but yes, I know I’m horrible! I find it to be extremely boring! But let’s not lose focus of this post and make this into a film review!

This was the first film in the Disney Canon based on historical “fact”!

Unless you believe that the Arthurian and Robin Hood legends are based on historical fact!

Unless you believe that the Arthurian and Robin Hood legends are based on historical fact!

This film told the “true” story of John Smith and his love, Pocahontas in 17th Century America!

"I am a crackpot of verifiable veracity!"

“I am a crackpot of verifiable veracity!”

Ok, the veracity of the story is definitely debatable! Nevertheless, the story’s characters are quite memorable; but I managed to find a forgotten/minor one: Namontac!

whos he

Now, that’s the first time that that’s been used correctly! Good Job!

When the Native Americans are ordered to observe the Englishmen from a distance, Kocuum (Pocahontas’ supposed fiancée) goes along with a couple of men to do this. One of these men is Namontac.

"Namontac, if anything should happen, I'd like you to take over as the not very important star of this film!"

“Namontac, if anything should happen, I’d like you to take over as the not very important star of this film!”

We don’t really know much about him, but he is indeed important! When the Native Americans are spotted by the Englishmen, the Englishmen start shooting at them. And during the battle, Namontac is hit!

Direct hit to the leg...I'm assuming!

Direct hit to the leg…I’m assuming!

He is then taken back to his village where his local shaman tries to cure him!

What solid hair he has!

What solid hair he has!

The shaman acknowledges that these gunshot wounds are unknown to him and this causes the Native Americans to develop antagonism towards the Englishmen. They call their fellow brothers for help in waging a war!

So even though Kocuum’s death was the last straw that broke the camel, the whether-or-not-we-should-wage-war camel’s, back; the roots of the Native Americans’ fear and antagonism towards the Englishmen were pretty firmly set once Namontac was shot! Had Namontac not been shot, maybe relations would have been more cordial!

"But don't forget, we're supposed to be telling the 'true, unadulterated' story of John Smith's finacial succ...I mean...amazing life!"

“But don’t forget, we’re supposed to be telling the ‘true, unadulterated’ story of John Smith’s finacial succ…I mean…amazing life!”

And that’s why I’m recognizing Namontac as the forgotten/minor character of this film!

"Somebody must remember me...somebody must!"

“Somebody must remember me…somebody must!”

I did it! I DID IT! I went through the whole post without making one remark about Batman being in this movie!

"(Obnoxiously deep voice) Hey kid, what's he talking about?" "No idea, guv'nor!"

“(Obnoxiously deep voice) Hey kid, what’s he talking about?”
“No idea, guv’nor!”

Well, that blew it!