cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2

How can a film that has so much creativity going for it just end up being as worthy as breadcrumbs? Sigh…I guess you’re here for my thoughts on this film. Well continue reading, but it won’t be fun!

The film starts with a recap of the first film and continues right where the first film left off. Now that the FLDSMDFR has been taken care of, everyone’s rejoicing. Sadly, the rejoicement doesn’t last too long.

You see, Swallow Falls now has to be cleared of all the food mess that’s happened to it, so the government assigns the company, Live Corp., to take charge of this task. Live Corp. is a company of think tanks and inventors led by their CEO by the name of Chester V, voiced by Will Forte.

cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 chester v

Either this guy is wearing an ice cream cone on his mouth or that’s the most triangular-pointy-cone-shaped beard that I’ve ever seen in my life!

They relocate all the inhabitants of the island to California so that they can get their cleanup done. But we soon learn that everything is not as it seems to be. Apparently, the FLDSMDFR survived the events of the first film and is still creating food…but now as animals! Yep, the machine is creating animal life forms that are all foods: creatures such as Shrimpanzees, Mosquitoast, Cheespiders, Watermelophants,

willy wonka vermicious knids

Chester V knows about this and wants to get the machine for himself. The trouble is he’s not too sure where on the island the machine is because the food animals have taken over the island and attack all the search parties he sends to find the machine. So he pretends to be a guru to Flint Lockwood, voiced again by Bill Hader, and convinces him to go back to Swallow Falls, find the machine, and destroy it because “the evil food animals may start taking over the world” or some such explanation like that.

"Real animals, good. Food animals, bad."

“Real animals, good. Food animals, bad.”

Flint agrees to the mission and heads back there along with his father and friends from the first film and the rest of the film is the journey they all take to find the FLDSMDFR whilst Chester V tries to wedge a knife between Flint and his friends.

This movie is…ughh…it’s so bad! The animation for the main characters are soooo bad. I mean, does Chester V even look finished to you?!

"You dare insult me? Do it one more time and I come back in the sequel!"

“You dare insult me? Do it one more time and I come back in the sequel!”

The story has so many plot holes and pacing problems that it makes you lose interest in the film as a whole. The voice acting is…well, you can clearly tell it’s being done by comedians for the most part. The only great thing about the movie (and the thing that enticed me to watch this most) is the animation of the food animals. They’re soooo creative! The Watermelophants totally look like watermelons and elephants.

I wouldn't want to spit out his seeds!

I wouldn’t want to spit out his seeds!

The Shrimpanzees totally look like shrimp and chimpanzees.

He'll be a new weird dish to add to Red Lobster's menu!

He’ll be a new weird dish to add to Red Lobster’s menu!

The Cheespiders totally look like cheeseburgers and spiders.

Arachnophobia just got worse...and tastier!

Arachnophobia just got worse…and tastier!

This world that they created, this alter ecosystem, so to speak, is so beautiful to look at and so creative that it makes you wonder how could the film be soooo bad when it had gorgeous visuals like this?!

Coconut Falls?

Coconut Falls?

 I mean, if done right, this factor of the film alone could’ve been enough to make this film an epic masterpiece. Sadly, we’re given a film that is just plain rotten and in my opinion, the worst film given to us by Sony Animation.

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