Finding Nemo is a film that I’ll always cherish. Not because it’s so good (which it is), but it was the first movie I ever saw in the theaters. I’m not someone who goes to the theaters much, so I was very excited to see a film in the theaters for the first time!

The film, as you all know, is about a father clownfish named Marlin, voiced by Albert Brooks, who teams up with a royal blue tang with short-term memory loss, named Dory, voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, to find his son, Nemo, voiced by Alexander Gould, who has been “fish-napped” by Australian divers.

Wow, what a wordy synopsis!

Anyway, my forgotten/minor character appears near the beginning of the movie at the drop-off. Marlin and Nemo have a squabble and Marlin tries to explain to Nemo’s teacher that Nemo shouldn’t be in school. Unbeknownst to Marlin though, Nemo swims away to touch the bottom of a nearby boat in order to anger his father.

Ah, disobedient children. Don't you just love them?

Ah, disobedient, spiteful children. Don’t you just love them?

But one of Nemo’s classmates, a blue fish, proclaims, “Oh my gosh! Nemo’s swimming out to sea!” causing Marlin and the others to turn their heads and notice Nemo performing the dastardly deed.

Now, here’s the thing. Let’s assume that this blue fish didn’t see Nemo swimming out to sea and/or didn’t draw everyone’s attention to the fact. What could have happened?  Well, maybe another fish would’ve seen Nemo swimming out to sea and alerted everyone to that fact. It’s possible.

"I doubt it. None of the other fish have eyes or mouths as big as me!"

“I doubt it. None of the other fish have eyes or mouths as big as me!”

But, let’s say that nobody saw Nemo swimming out to sea. Maybe Nemo himself would probably call out to everyone when he reached the boat thereby drawing everyone’s attention. It’s plausible.

I dunno if anybody would hear him. That looks like quite a distance away. Then again, sound generally travels faster in water...I think.

I dunno if anybody would hear him. That looks like quite a distance away. Then again, sound generally travels faster in water…I think.

But, let’s say that Nemo’s even more spiteful and intended to go touch the boat and then go back to his dad and be like, “I touched the boat. What you gonna do about it, pops?”. If that was his plan, then nobody would see Nemo doing the deed, hence nobody would be informed unless and until Nemo himself came back and told everyone.

"And if this doesn't produce the desired effect, I won't brush my teeth for a day. HA! That'll show the old man!"

“And if this doesn’t produce the desired effect, I won’t brush my teeth for a day. HA! That’ll show the old man!”

But, in the movie, what happens right after he touches the boat?

"Why do I have the feeling that I'm being watched?"

“Why do I have the feeling that I’m being watched?”

Right! He gets taken by a diver. So, if nobody’s attention was drawn to Nemo, it’s perfectly plausible that the diver would’ve just taken Nemo away while everyone else was ignorant of the fact. They’d soon after wonder where Nemo had disappeared off to, but have no clue where to look. It’s only because of Marlin watching the “fish-napping” take place that he notices the diver’s goggles which give him the clue as to where to find Nemo. So, my point is that if it wasn’t for the blue proclaimer classmate fish, there’s a good possibility that Nemo wouldn’t have ever been found!

"I'm a PIXAR hero! Make a monument in my honor!"

“I’m a PIXAR hero! Make a monument in my honor!”

Ok, maybe someone’s making the argument that when Nemo gets captured by the diver, he’d yell for help, thereby drawing the attention to him and everyone would see the diver and Marlin would know how/where to find Nemo. But, the problem with this is that everybody would notice Nemo probably too late. Maybe by the time the fish turned their heads towards Nemo, the diver would be halfway out of the water. Hence, Marlin probably wouldn’t have noticed the diver’s goggles and just notice the boat…not much of a clue!


Yeah, I’m probably looking too deeply into this. In the end, I just feel that this blue proclaimer classmate fish did a very important deed and should be recognized. Hence, I recognize him as the forgotten/minor character of this film.

"Forgotten? Minor? Wait just a minute..."

“Forgotten? Minor? Wait just a minute…”