Well readers, I’m soon going to start my Who Wants to Be a Millionaire-Animation Edition project, so I’ve decided to list my contestants below. Many of them will be familiar to you. So far, I have 8 contestants and the one who gets to the million point question will win a $20 gift card from me. If none get there, the top 4 will come back for a second round. Here are my contestants (in no particular order):

1) Rachel Wagner (www.54disneyreviews.com)

2) Chelsea Robson (www.rotoscopers.com, http://www.chelsearobson.com)

3) Robert Lydon (www.youtube.com/otherobert)

4) AJ Howell (Twitter: @SurferJohnny25)

5) Ben Daniels (Twitter: @BenjyDaniels)

6) Josh aka The Love Pirate (www.thelovepirate.net)

7) Becky Ginther (www.disneyinyourday.com)

8) Zora Catone (Twitter: @ZoraCatone)