Today, we take a look at DreamWorks Animation’s 1998 biblical film, The Prince of Egypt. Now, this is a film that I have never seen nor do I plan to as I have personal religious beliefs against watching movies wherein prophets and/or God are portrayed by people, be they live or via voice. But, I couldn’t skip this for my Forgotten/Minor Characters project, so my good friend AnimatedKid (, offered to write this post for me. So I hope you enjoy!

Hello everyone. I am Anii654 (AnimatedKid), and I will be covering The Prince of Egypt for Mark regarding its iteration in the DreamWorks Animation-Forgotten/Minor Characters Project. I reviewed the film a few times, so I won’t go into detail regarding my opinion. Overall, I love it, and it is one of DreamWorks’ best. Apparently, Katzenberg made a comment within the last few years that he regrets doing the film, but since he tried to pitch it when he was at Disney and made it DreamWorks’ first and main priority, I’m calling him out on the fact that he only regrets that the formula did not turn into a slew of mega franchises. Another time for another day though.

There are a lot of characters in the film, and it’s debatable if they are minor or side characters. The minor characters I am choosing for this movie are…………. Tzipporah’s little sisters.

Since there are three of them, I’m going to break down who is who, since they do have names. The one on the left (the tallest girl) is Ephorah, the middle one (with the curly bangs) is Ajolidoforah, and the one on the right (with the shawl) is Jethrodiadah. There are a lot of RAH’s in this family, including Tzipporah.

Not you Sun God. I was going more for the RAW sound. No……… alright, alright.

We first see the three sisters after Moses is snatched up from the sand and on the surface, where he sees the girls being hounded by thieves. Moses saves them from the thieves, before falling into the water well. I blame you for this, Ra, for overheating everyone for no good reason.

This amazing gif happens when the three RAHs try to pull Moses back up and TzippoRAH makes him drop again. After this, the oldest one (Ephorah) mutters to her sisters that Tzipporah will never get married because of her “gangster attitude”.

The sisters barge into Moses being washed by the other Midians and they laugh. The other two sisters get a line each: the youngest (Jethrodiadah) tells Moses to sit with her and the middle (Ajolidoforah) tells him not to eat before the celebration.

They all dance, and then see Tzipporah get married through the song Through Heaven’s Eyes. They aren’t seen again, and don’t have any lines after that, but their presence was definitely pleasant through the middle sequences of the film.