The 3rd entry in DreamWorks Animation’s films is the 2000 film, The Road to El Dorado. I’ve already reviewed the film, so I won’t go over the plot or my thoughts on the film again. If you wanna see my review (although my feelings towards the film have become a bit more positive since that first viewing), please click here.

With that out of the way, let’s get to talking about the forgotten/minor character that I chose for this film.

The forgotten/minor character is one that isn’t mentioned by name in the film, but IMDB and Wikipedia say that he’s named Zaragoza, so who am I to question that?

This is something I mentioned in my review of the film too, but Zaragoza is a sailor who gets into a gambling game with Tulio and Miguel. They, being the cons that they are, win by using loaded dice, but Zaragoza has one final ante to offer: this treasure map to El Dorado.

“Head through the dragon and the tear-shedding man, but if you’ve passed the eagle, you’ve gone too far!”

Now my question is why and how does Zaragoza have this map? And why does he offer it up as an ante? Does he believe in it or not? If he believes that it is indeed the map to a city made of gold, why does he offer it up in a petty game?

“Might be petty to you, but this is my first month’s rent right here!”

And if he doesn’t believe it’s a genuine map, why does he even have it on him? Surely he would have discarded it by now! Or was he planning to hold onto it to dupe others?

“I honestly just thought it was a Mayan takeout menu!”

Also, how the heck did he get his hands on this map anyway? I’m assuming that this map to a city of gold is incredibly rare and there aren’t more than one of them. This means that this is the only map to El Dorado, hence very valuable. So, Zaragoza must have either been given the map by someone, bought it himself, or found it.

Now it’s understandable why someone would give him the map as they probably didn’t believe it was genuine. But why would Zaragoza buy it if he believed it to be genuine? Surely the original owner would rather go find the gold himself than sell the map! And if Zaragoza found it, I feel sorry for the poor guy who dropped it!

“Well, he dropped his wallet too…and I felt it would be odd if I gave him back one thing and kept the other, so I kept both!”

Finally, who made this map anyway? This must have been made by someone who once found this civilization and came back alive, but in this movie’s canon, there’s no talk of any other visitors to that civilization, much less visitors who returned home alive!

“Must we tell you our entire history?”
“Do you tell the world who comes and goes in your house?”

Anyway, seeing as Tulio and Miguel wouldn’t have found El Dorado without the map,

Even though they serendipitously end up on El Dorado’s island after getting lost at sea!

I think it’s important that we commemorate the guy from whom they won the map. Here’s to Zaragoza!

“Awesome! May I interest you in this BOGO coupon for use at the Fountain of Youth?”