Moving along in our DreamWorks Canon, we come across the first of 3 films that they co-produced with Aardman Animations, Chicken Run. Released in 2000, the stop-motion film was a critical and commercial success and to this day, it’s the highest-grossing stop-motion film!

Chicken Run is about a group of chickens on a chicken farm who try to escape from their life of laying eggs often. You see, when they no can no longer lay eggs, they are killed by their owners, the Tweedys, voiced by Miranda Richardson and the late Tony Haygarth.

You’d think with a name like “Tweedy”, they would be in cloth or something!

The chickens’ leader is a hen named Ginger, voiced by Julia Sawalha. She never gives up no matter how many times she’s “caught” or her plans fail. One day, a Rhode Island rooster named Rocky, voiced by Mel Gibson, crash lands into their farm. Ginger assumes that he can fly and tries to convince him to teach all of the chickens how to fly out of the farm.

It turns out that Rocky is actually a circus performer on the run who was only able to “fly” after being shot out of a cannon! This is where our forgotten/minor character, The Circus Man, comes in. He’s the owner of the circus, presumably, and is out looking for Rocky as he’s one of the star attractions of the show. He only has one line of dialogue, but it is implied that he tells the Tweedys to keep their eye open for Rocky as he is very valuable indeed!

Valuable for a wonderful lunch, perhaps?

Ginger keeps Rocky hidden from The Circus Man, so he leaves before realizing that Rocky is on the Tweedy farm and we never see him again. So my question is, what did The Circus Man do afterwards? I doubt that he just cancelled the circus performance!

“Simple: No Star Attraction, No Show!”

After all, the show must go on! Maybe he found another attraction? Like what? An elephant who wrestles mice?

“We only found an elephant who wrestled existentialism…it wasn’t as exciting!”

Or is the circus on hold as he still, to this day, is searching for his elusive rooster?

“Yes, I am…and I don’t look a day older!”

We may never know, but we all can feel a little bit of sympathy for The Circus Man.