Due to the success of their 2001 film, Shrek, it was inevitable that DreamWorks Animation would make a sequel to it. Come 2004, we got Shrek 2, the highest-grossing DreamWorks Animation film, to date, with a worldwide gross of $920 million! Most people actually love this movie way more than its predecessor. I, on the other hand, dislike this franchise in general, so I have a hard time saying which is better than the other.

In the sequel, Shrek and Fiona, voiced by Mike Myers and Cameron Diaz, respectively, are invited by Fiona’s parents, King Harold and Queen Lillian, voiced by John Cleese and Julie Andrews, respectively, to visit them in their Kingdom of Far Far Away. They have heard that Fiona’s curse was broken and assumed that it was broken by Prince Charming, voiced by Rupert Everett, and that the two are now married. Imagine the shock when the King and Queen discover that Fiona is still an ogre and that her husband is one too!

“Our daughter married a green man?!”
“Don’t you know #GreenLivesMatter?”

Whilst the Queen is more receptive and welcoming to Shrek, the King believes that Shrek isn’t worthy of his daughter, especially since he promised the evil Fairy Godmother, voiced by Jennifer Saunders, that her son, Prince Charming, would marry Fiona. This is where an evil plot is concocted involving breaking Shrek and Fiona up and getting Fiona to fall in love with Prince Charming forever!

“Don’t the names of the Fairy Godmother and Prince Charming strike fear into your hearts?”

The film’s animation is better than its predecessor and is chock-full with in-jokes and references, both to multiple fairy tales as well as to modern-day lifestyle. Many characters from the first film return in the sequel such as Donkey, voiced again by Eddie Murphy, and we meet new characters such as Puss in Boots, voiced by Antonio Banderas.

“You better give me my own film or the green guy dies!”

Today’s forgotten/minor character is both an old and a new character. What I mean by that is that this character was referred to in the first Shrek film, but making his on-screen appearance in this film, the Muffin Man!

Near the end of the film, a human Shrek (it’s a long story involving a potion) needs to stop Fiona from falling in love with Prince Charming. But, Shrek is outside of the Kingdom and needs to find a way to get back to the castle without being stopped by the soldiers. So, he enlists the help of his fairy tale friends, in particular the Gingerbread Man, who leads him to the house of his old friend, the Muffin Man on Drury Lane.

So…is the wife who’s married to the Muffin Man who lives on Drury Lane herself living on Drury Lane? So many questions!

Together, they create an enormous giant gingerbread man to attack the kingdom so that Shrek can get past the soldiers into the castle. Now, I wish I knew more about the Muffin Man! It’s clear that he’s friends with the Gingerbread Man, but if he’s from the Kingdom of Far Far Away, does that mean the Gingerbread Man used to live here before moving to Shrek’s part of the country?

“Yes, he and I were at Culinary College together.”
“Oh, were you both students?”
“No, he was my final project!”

I also wonder how the conversation went between Shrek and the Muffin Man when he explained what it was that he wanted!

“I’m the green ogre husband to the Princess of the Kingdom of Far Far Away. She is being forced to fall in love with Prince Charming and I need to storm the castle to stop her.”

“Uh…you lost me at the green ogre part.”

What if the Muffin Man was loyal to the King and Queen? Would the ending of the film have been different?

“Storm the castle, eh? No problem, just gimme a second…I need to make a quick call to report this rebellion.”

Whatever the case is, I feel that the Muffin Man is definitely the best forgotten/minor character from this film!

“Now, why am I not the Royal Baker yet?”