We now come to Shark Tale in our journey through the DreamWorks Animation Canon. Released in 2004, this film is pretty infamous for being disliked by many and considered one of the worst DreamWorks Animation films ever made! But, as I mentioned in my Top 13 Animated Movies that I Like, But Everyone Else Doesn’t list, I actually like this movie. I’m not saying it’s an amazing film, but I don’t think it deserves the hatred that it gets at all!

The film is about a fish named Oscar, voiced by Will Smith, who works at a whale wash scrubbing the gunk off of whales. But, he has dreams of being somebody more than that and living at the top of the reef, so to speak. He gets his chance when he is assumed to have killed an enemy shark and is given the title, the Sharkslayer. Since all his dreams are comiing true because of that, he decides to keep up with the lie. But, this comes to backfire on him when he starts losing some of his old friends and is targeted by the don of the sharks, Don Lino, voiced by Robert De Niro.

This is why you don’t lie, kids! You may get eaten by a mafia shark!

Many have accused this film of being a ripoff of Finding Nemo and honestly, besides the characters being fish, there really isn’t anything else similar between the two films. I would even argue that Shark Tales creates a much more creative, parody world whereas Finding Nemo tries to be more realistic.

What everyone is thinking of me right now!

I think that a lot of the humor is incredibly clever such as having the cleaner fish be literal cleaner fish, horse racing being seahorse racing, and two Jamaican fish being jellyfish to simulate their Rasta hats!

It’s always nice to see Caribbean characters in films…even though they’re always Jamaican!

And in the beginning of the film, we are given a more in-depth tour of this world and the fish that live in it. One such character that we see is a fish who owns/runs a sushi restaurant which nobody goes to.

Unless once you enter…you don’t come back out again?

Now this is quite creepy! In this fish world, there is a restaurant selling dead fish to be eaten by other live fish! How has this restaurant not been shut down by the fish cops yet?

“It’s a fish-eat-fish world out there!”

What is this owner’s story? How did he get into this business? Is he a murderer who escaped from jail?

He probably is a murderer, I mean, he has options on his menu!

And when nobody comes to visit the restaurant, the owner gets angry. Did he really expect to get customers?

“Four years of culinary academy schooling for this?!”

So many questions! I want a spooky spin-off movie about this sushi restaurant owner!