In 2005, DreamWorks Animation released the first film of what would be their next big franchise, Madagascar. I’ve made it clear before that I’m not a fan of these films (with the exception of the third one) and after re-watching this one, my opinion is still the same.

For those unfamiliar with the film, Madagascar tells the story of four animal friends who live in Central Park Zoo. The quartet comprises Alex, a lion voiced by Ben Stiller, Marty, a zebra voiced by Chris Rock Gloria, a hippo voiced by Jada Pinkett Smith, and Melman, a giraffe voiced by David Schwimmer. They have an overly good life at the zoo, but Marty yearns to experience the wild. So one night, he escapes from the zoo causing his friends to come after him. One thing leads to another and the four find themselves being shipped in crates to a different preserve! To make matters work, their crates accidentally fall off the ship they’re travelling on and the four friends wash ashore on the island of Madagascar!

“A zoo with a beach…this is something new!”

All in all, I think the movie suffers from an extremely basic plot and mostly unfunny humor. Granted, the film makes a few clever film references, but otherwise, there’s nothing else to praise about it!

This leads me to the forgotten/minor character of this film. Due to the popularity of this film franchise, almost all of the characters are pretty popular and well-known, so I decided to go with the chameleon stenographer.

Now there’s something you don’t see every day! Get it? Because it’s a chameleon! And…I’ll go away now.

He/she/it appears during the scene where the lemur, King Julien, voiced by Sacha Baron Cohen, is holding a meeting to discuss what to do about the New York arrivals. The chameleon stenographer is there to keep a written record of all that is being said in that meeting. I honestly would like to know how it got that job as there doesn’t seem to be any other chameleons around.

“We’ve killed all the other members of your tribe, but spared you so that you may write about our victories! So, TYPE, little green lizard, TYPE!”

Also, why make the stenographer a chameleon? Do stenographers have the ability to blend into society? Or did they make the stenographer a chameleon just so it could delete words via its tongue? And if so…is that really funny?

Maybe they tried making it a lemur, but it wouldn’t work because he started typing Shakespeare on it?

All in all, the stenographer chameleon is a strange character, indeed. Perfect for this forgotten/minor character entry!

Please tell me, are you related to Liz from The Magic School Bus?