We soon arrive at our 2nd Aardman Animations film that they co-produced with DreamWorks Animation: Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. Based on the popular Aardman Animations shorts, Wallace and Gromit, this 2005 film was the first (and ’til date, only) feature-length film featuring the cheese-loving inventor and his silent canine companion.

In the film, there is a Giant Vegetable Competition taking place in the small British town where Wallace and Gromit live. All the townsfolk are doing their best to grow giant vegetables with the hope that they’ll take home the Golden Carrot Award! Even Wallace (voiced by the late Peter Sallis) and Gromit share in the town’s zeal by developing and installing alarm systems in all the gardens. This alerts Wallace and Gromit in time of any rabbits eating any of the prized vegetables so that they can capture the rabbits and remove them safely.

They’re like the Ghostbusters of the garden world!

Everything goes smoothly until rumors of a monstrous “were-rabbit” leak out. Fearful that the were-rabbit will put an end to the Giant Vegetable Competition, Lady Tottington (voiced by Helena Bonham Carter), the hostess of the competition, hires Wallace and Gromit to catch the creature. And they better do it before ruthless hunter and “vier” of Lady Tottington’s affections, Lord Quartermaine (voiced by Ralph Fiennes) does first.

It’s hard to fight someone whose hair is stiffer than you!

The film measures up to the legacies of Wallace and Gromit and Aardman Animations, although I prefer Chicken Run. If you’re into British humor, you’ll definitely enjoy this film. Now, my forgotten/minor character for this film is one of the townsfolk and participants in the competition, Mr. Growbag (voiced by Edward Kelsey).

With a name like that, a vegetable competition was bound to be his destiny!

He’s definitely a minor character, and as such, there isn’t that much to say about him. He’s one of the elderly characters so he’s constantly referring to historical events that happened before much of the other characters were born.

Other than that, he’s the typical elderly gentleman you’d expect to find in a small British town like this. Here’s to Mr. Growbag!

Mr. Growbag, this isn’t the same as the Golden Carrot Award! You shouldn’t be so happy!