In 2006, we had our final co-production between DreamWorks Animation and Aardman Animations, Flushed Away.

The film dealt with a pampered pet rat, Roddy, voiced by Hugh Jackman. Roddy lives a pretty posh life being taken care of by his human owner, but he lacks family and friends. One day, when his owners are out, he receives a visitor in the form of a sewer rat named Sid. Voiced by Shane Richie, Sid falls in love with Roddy’s posh living arrangements and flushes Roddy down the toilet so that he can stay there forever.

Roddy, now in the realm of the sewers, must find a way to get back “up top” with the help of a female rat captain of the Jimmy Dodger named Rita, voiced by Kate Winslet. Their journey is problematic though as the evil “The Toad”, voiced by Ian McKellen wants something that Rita has stolen from him.

His fly was undone…hey, they make the joke in the film!

While not the best of the Aardman Animations films, I do enjoy the film, albeit somewhat. The forgotten/minor character that I’ve chosen for this film appears when Roddy enters the realm of the sewers. He accidentally falls onto a painting being painted by a rat named Rodint (obviously a pun on Rodin), thereby destroying it. Rodint feels crushed as he has worked on the masterpiece for the past three years!

I just want to know how Rodint got this sky-eye view? He doesn’t seem to have been doing this from a hot air balloon or anything like that!

Roddy apologizes, of course, but there’s not much to be done. For all we know, Roddy has persuaded Rodint to give up his passions, thereby robbing the rat world of his artistry! If that’s the case, it’s best we remember Rodint here!

“An artistic masterpiece gone to waste!”