Well, all good things must sadly come to an end! And Season 4 of my WWTBAM-Animation Edition games is no exception! I had a wonderful time hosting these 15 games and I hope you all enjoyed watching them! Here are the final results of the season and I sincerely thank all the contestants for participating:

Skyler Shuler (282,000 pts)

Milan Harrison (52,000 pts)
Amanda Sorrento (32,000 pts)
Zora Catone (32,000 pts)
Ben Daniels (2,000 pts)

Tommy T (1,000 pts)
Andrew Garrison (1,000 pts)
Jonathan Pouliot (1,000 pts)
Brian Crawford (1,000 pts)
Jonathan J. North (1,000 pts)

And a special thank you to Eli Sanza for being the Expert this season! Please check out his blog by clicking here!

Maybe I’ll do a Season 5 in the future, but until then, feel free to rewatch all the episodes this season!