Check Out My Appearance on ‘The Dis Quiz’!

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You all have seen me host a game show before, but how am I at being a contestant on a game show? Check out my appearance on The Dis Quiz, a new online Disney-based game show, below!


5-Year Blogoversary!



Five years ago today, I started this blog, The Animation Commendation! Five years ago today, I joined the online fandom community of animation lovers! Five years ago today, I made like-minded friends with whom I could share my passions and interests! Five years ago today, without sounding too schmaltzy, my life has definitely changed!


Got an Instagram Page!

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Hello readers,

So I’ve finally done something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time: I’ve got an Instagram page for this blog!

No, I’m not deleting this WordPress blog; the Instagram page will serve as a companion piece to this blog. What will I be posting on my IG page? Well, I’ll definitely be informing my IG followers of when there’s a new blog post to check out! But, I’ll also be posting certain things ONLY to that IG account that I won’t be posting to my blog, so be sure to follow me on both platforms to get access to it all!

The IG account is the.animation.commendation

I’m looking forward to meeting you all there as well as to making new friends and followers in the Instagram world!

Post-Hurricane Irma Update!


Hello readers,

So just wanted to check in to let you all know that I’ve survived Hurricane Irma, thank God! Our damage was limited to having some of our backyard fence fallen down and not having power for about 32 hours. Thankfully, we got back power today, so hopefully I’ll get back to regular blogging soon! Thanks for your patience!

Regarding Hurricane Irma!


Hello readers,

As many of you know, I live in Orlando, Florida. And as many of you also know, there is an incredibly intense hurricane named Irma headed our way. It’s currently a Category 4 storm, but has the possibility of strengthening back to a Category 5 when it hits the Floridian mainland. It’s estimated to hit Florida in the early morning hours of Sunday and go through the entire state all thru Monday.

We’re praying that we’ll all be safe and come out with as minimal damage as possible from this! So just know that because of the hurricane, don’t expect any new posts on this blog for the next week. After the hurricane hits (and if we still have Internet connection), I’ll try to update you all afterwards on the aftermath. I’ll also try to update my Twitter (@The_Anim_Comm) if I can, so keep a lookout there too.

Until then, keep us in your prayers! Thanks!

Updated ‘About & Contact’ Page

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Hello readers,

So I’ve recently updated my About page and you can check it out by clicking the appropriate heading above. I’ve now combined it with a contact form so you may contact me via email if you’d like.

Menu Improvements!


Hey readers,

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve done some work in making my menus on this site more readable and navigable. Now, if you hover your mouse on the Indexes label located at the top of my blog, a drop-down menu will appear where you can access all the indexes that I have on my blog (My Thoughts, Top 13 Lists, Forgotten/Minor Characters Projects).

Likewise, if you hover your mouse over the WWTBAM-Animation Edition Games label, a drop-down menu will appear where you can access those videos from whichever season you desire.

Hope this helps make navigation and visibility easier! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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