DreamWorks Animation-Forgotten/Minor Characters #18: Miss Ronson


The 2009 DreamWorks Animation film was Monsters vs. Aliens. What started out as an interesting premise about a woman, Susan (voiced by Reese Witherspoon), turned ginormous after getting hit by a meteorite became just what the title promised: a fight between monsters and aliens.



DreamWorks Animation-Forgotten/Minor Characters #17: The Poachers


It’s no secret that I’m no fan of DreamWorks Animation’s 2005 film, Madagascar. But some people may not know that I’m also no fan of its 2008 sequel, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa.


DreamWorks Animation-Forgotten/Minor Characters #16: The Original Noodle Shop Owner


Kung Fu Panda was an instant success when it was released, both critically and financially. Its success led to it becoming a franchise spawning two sequels, a few shorts, and a couple of television series. It has always been one of my favorite DreamWorks Animation films and I’m glad to have gotten to it on this Forgotten/Minor Characters journey in time for its 10th anniversary!


‘How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World’ Trailer Debuts!


The fourth animated film trailer of the week has debuted, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World!

The film looks to be just as good as its predecessors to me. I’m loving the Light Fury as well as F. Murray Abraham as the villain! Gotta wait till 2019 to see this though!

What do you think of the trailer?

DreamWorks Animation-Forgotten/Minor Characters #15: The Princess Performer

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The 2007 DreamWorks Animation film, Bee Movie, is one that is often derided, mocked, and made memes out of. Be it the fact that people find the plot of a bee lawsuit against humkind outrageous or the fact that Jerry Seinfeld voices a bee, many people don’t like this film all too much. I, on the other hand, have always enjoyed the film and still do. Yes, it’s nothing spectacular, but it definitely isn’t god-awful and it has some interesting themes in it, such as discussing cultural appropriation before cultural appropriation was even a thing!

(Warning: There will be SPOILERS in this post!)


Actor John Mahoney Dies at 77!


The actor, John Mahoney, has passed away at the age of 77. Mr. Mahoney (1940-2018) was known for his role on the sitcom, Frasier, as well as for appearing in numerous films including Moonstruck, Eight Men Out, Barton Fink, and Flipped.

In terms of animation, Mr. Mahoney lent his voice to many animated features including Antz,

The Iron Giant,

Atlantis: The Lost Empire,

and Kronk’s New Groove.

He shall be missed!

90th Academy Awards Nominations Announced!


I know this post is a couple of days late, but the nominations for the upcoming 90th Academy Awards have been released. Click here for a list of all the nominees, but the animation-related ones are listed below:


The Boss Baby
The Breadwinner
Loving Vincent


Dear Basketball
Garden Party
Negative Space
Revolting Rhymes

What do you all think of these nominees, in particular? I haven’t seen The Boss Baby yet, but really? It’s Oscar-worthy? I find that very hard to believe! But, I’m so glad that Glen Keane’s Dear Basketball has made it to the list!

I will post my Oscars predictions in the next couple of weeks!

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