WWTBAM-Animation Edition S3E3: “What Do You Do With An English Degree?” w/Stanford Clark

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Season 3 of my Who Wants to Be a Millionaire-Animation Edition games continues with blogger and film lover, Stanford Clark (Animation Fascination), trying his hand at the million once again! How far does he go? Watch to find out!


Animation Fascination: http://www.animationfascination.net
Animation Fascination’s Twitter: @AnimatedPodcast
Stanford Clark’s Twitter: @StanfordClark
Ben’s YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZEvnPge9Hzm1U_3qzjo4Xw
Ben’s blog: http://www.animatedgalaxy.blogspot.com

WWTBAM-Animation Edition Season 3 Contestants Roster


Hello everyone!

Well, I should be starting my 3rd season of my Who Wants to Be a Millionaire-Animation Edition games this week, so look out for the first video as well as for the forthcoming videos in the following weeks. I’ve listed the roster of the contestants below (in no particular order). Some of them are familiar faces from last season while others are new faces.

  1. Milan Harrison (http://youtube.com/somedudenamedmilan, @milan_darling)
  2. Skyler Shuler (https://disneyfilmfacts.com, @Skylerhxc, @Disneyfilmfacts)
  3. Black Critic Guy (https://www.youtube.com/blackcriticguy, @BlackCriticGuy)
  4. Stanford Clark (http://www.stanfordclark.com, @StanfordClark)
  5. AJ Howell (https://vintagevestibule.wordpress.com, @SurferJohnny25)
  6. Becky Ginther (http://www.disneyinyourday.com, @DisneyinyourDay)
  7. Sean Nasuti (http://rimoviecorner.blogspot.com, @Filmfan2013)
  8. Kajsa Forden (http://animationdalmatian.blogspot.com, @TheKajsaRain)
  9. Wes Troop (https://www.youtube.com/Wesida515, @WesAlist)
  10. Amanda Sorrento (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGN1Ycs5zeSSWz5y9mTIifw, @AmandaTheHoser)

Hope you enjoy this new season!