DreamWorks Animation-Forgotten/Minor Characters #15: The Princess Performer

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The 2007 DreamWorks Animation film, Bee Movie, is one that is often derided, mocked, and made memes out of. Be it the fact that people find the plot of a bee lawsuit against humkind outrageous or the fact that Jerry Seinfeld voices a bee, many people don’t like this film all too much. I, on the other hand, have always enjoyed the film and still do. Yes, it’s nothing spectacular, but it definitely isn’t god-awful and it has some interesting themes in it, such as discussing cultural appropriation before cultural appropriation was even a thing!

(Warning: There will be SPOILERS in this post!)



‘The Star’ Teaser Trailer Debuts!


The teaser trailer for Sony Animation’s upcoming film, The Star, has debuted.

The film deals with the Christian nativity story from the point of view of the animals. The voice cast includes Steven Yeun, Kelly Clarkson, Gina Rodriguez, Keegan-Michael Key, Oprah Winfrey, Tracy Morgan, Tyler Perry, Christopher Plummer, Patricia Heaton, and Zachary Levi, among others.

The Star is scheduled to be released to theaters on November 10, 2017. I personally have no interest in seeing this film. What about y’all? Let me know in the comments below!

Disney Canon-Forgotten/Minor Characters #49: The Reverend


reverend princess frog

When Disney announced that “Home on the Range” would be the last traditionally animated Disney Canon film, we were all horrified beyond belief!

See, even Culkin's horrified!

See? Even Culkin’s horrified!

Then after the acquisition of Pixar (and other factors), Disney decided to create another traditionally animated Disney Canon film and we were all ecstatic with immeasurable glee!

jumping joy ecstatic

It never rains men, only money!

That film is none other than Disney’s 49th animated feature, “The Princess and the Frog”. More